Wedding weather advice


It may rain. It may be windy. It doesn’t matter. I have worked through horizontal rain and blustery wind and have found the main thing to do is don’t panic. This post is mainly for wedding photographers but also for couples who are worried about the weather on their wedding day.

Some of the most successful wedding photographs I have come back with have been captured in bad weather or inside the church or wedding venue when its raining outside. I have found couples rally together and just enjoy the day. I never ask a couple to go outside in bad weather. They have to ask me first. If you are in the church and it starts to rain, make sure everyone who is organising the wedding (bride,groom,vicar) is aware of what you (the photographer) would like to do. The last thing you want is 100 guests trying to make a decision. This is where vicars are usually brilliant. I always take the time to introduce myself to the vicar before the wedding and ask him or her to tell everyone to remain seated if we have bad weather at the end of the ceremony.

Organise small group photographs inside and use the church as a backdrop. Most of the couples that get married in a church exit and never go back in for photographs. Use a wet weather day to improve your low light flash photography.


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