Which camera do you use ?

I use professional camera equipment, a Canon 5D camera with a Canon L series 70-200mm zoom lens.


ruth and stephen in the car


Are you insured ?

I have public liability insurance.


How much does it cost ?

Here is my price list. If you need any further information please complete the contact form including all the details of your wedding and I can give you an estimate of the cost.




Will there be a watermark saying copyright Richard Barley on the photographs you give us ?

No I only use watermarks on the photographs used on this website and so people can not steal them. The images are watermarked in the meta data but you can not see this. You will have high quality digital files that you can print 20 inches x 16 inches if you wish.


Do you cover the speeches ?

When we have our first meeting we can discuss your ideal coverage.



stanbrook abbey a few relaxed moments


Do you bring an assistant to organise group photographs and carry your bag ?

I attend all weddings on my own and keep a low profile through the early stages of the wedding day as guests arrive. I try and blend in with your guests and use very little equipment. I do not carry a bag, just my camera. I try to look like the ‘friend’ you have invited, who thinks he may be a professional photographer one day. The groups are organised in a professional friendly manner. If your ushers or best man can help find a few people this speeds things up.


Do you need a list of family group photographs ?

It depends how many you need. For smaller weddings below 70 guests I do not need a list. If you are having over ten groups then I think it is best to send me a list. I am experimenting with this at the moment. This year I am not asking for a list and I am just talking to the couple and finding people as we go. Working fine so far. Here is a post about family group photographs.


How long do you keep the images before they are deleted ?

I hold onto all the images for three months. After this time I only keep the images I like the best, that I may use for the wedding portfolio. It is very important that you back up your digital files and look after them. I would suggest printing an album.



Dumbleton Church group photograph of groom with groomsmen

Group photograph at Dumbleton church


Do you produce weddings albums ?

I have a range of wedding albums that are completely unique and are produced by a small family run business in Italy. I do not take album orders before the wedding as I think you will have enough to think about. If you would like one of our albums please contact me after the wedding once you have selected your favourite photographs.



Dumbleton Hall Hotel Bridal Preparation

Bride waiting to be called Dumbleton Hall


Will you take photographs during the ceremony ?

Only if I am aloud. You will need to contact your vicar or registrar to make sure its OK. I use cameras that make no noise at all and so you will not hear a thing. I try to stand at the front (If they let me) Please assume you will not receive any images at all though. As some registrars and vicars make the rules up as they go along. UPDATE .Worcestershire registrars have relaxed there ways – great news hope this continues.


Do you do the fake cake photograph ?

Yes if that is what you would like. I arrange for the knife to be put near the cake and so we can fake it. I also like to get photographs of the two of your in the dining room together, if there is time.




Do you retouch the photos ?

Your photos will not be retouched when you receive them on the USB drive. If you require an album you can give me specific instructions at the time. I will not retouch any photographs unless I am asked. Retouching is a personal thing that needs to be discussed first.


My brother wants to be a wedding photographer and may want to take a few at the wedding is this a problem ?

Not a problem at all. There will be approximately 50 other photographers there with mobile phones. He is the least of my worries.  I keep it relaxed and let everyone get their photos. If your brother would like to come on a wedding photography course please let me know.


Sword of honour at a wedding


Will you photograph us on our own away from the wedding party ?

Yes, I like to take you away for about fifteen minutes to capture a few moments before the wedding breakfast begins. I always advise you get some heal protectors incase the ground is soft under foot.


Will you photograph everyone in a large group at the reception ?

The group photograph of everyone usually takes about twenty minutes to organise. You will need to allow about one and a half hours for your daytime reception if you would like this photograph. The main family groups always take at least forty minutes. You need to allow one hour for all the group photographs and twenty minutes for some on your own. This leaves ten minutes for cutting the cake before the meal.


How many group photographs do you advise ?

Every wedding is different, if you send me a groups list I can estimate how long they will take to complete. Six / eight groups with between six and eight people in each group takes about thirty five minutes. You do not need to worry about this to much, it will all depend on how you both feel on the day. I have been photographing weddings along time and will make the experience as stress free as possible.


During the ceremony where will you stand ?

The registrar / vicar will tell me where I can stand and what photographs I am aloud to take. I always try to stand at the front, near you both and so I can get a few images of you exchanging vows. I do not use flash during the ceremony and use a camera with an electronic shutter and so you will not hear a thing. If in doubt please contact the registrar before the wedding and tell them what you would like.


Check my availability

Let me know the date of your wedding and the coverage you require. I will get back to you within a few hours.


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