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Couple at Puckrup Hall Hotel Wedding

A relaxed wedding at Puckrup Hall Hotel

Puckrup Hall Hotel

Puckrup Hall Hotel has a wide range of backdrops that are ideal for wedding photography. From the main house to the golf course you can produce a good selection of images in a very short time. The staircase at Puckrup Hall leads down to the Library which can also work well on a wet day. The couple can also enjoy a short walk onto the golf course and under the trees. The main garden behind the hall is ideal for a relaxed daytime reception and any group photographs required. You can take a group photograph of everyone from the first floor windows. To see more of my Puckrup Hall Wedding Photography visit the main albums or use the link below.

Puckrup Hall Hotel Wedding Photography Gallery


The Entrance

The main entrance to Puckrup Hall Hotel is also ideal for wedding photography. As the couple approach in the wedding car your can capture some great images. The front of the building offers a stunning backdrop for high key bridal portraits and the main doors are great for the couple to relax and have a few photos with drinks.

The Lounge

The main lounge inside Puckrup Hall is very comfortable and has been a savior for many wedding photographers on wet wedding days. You can arrange the furniture and make a perfect studio if required. The tables and chairs can be arranged to make the main photographs possible in a small space. The corridoor that links the old building to the new is ideal for portraits and indoor walking photographs.


The wedding breakfast at Puckrup Hall is well organised and the room is a good size. I take the couple into the room before the wedding breakfast starts and capture relaxed portraits of them both as they look at their wedding cake and table layout. The staff always make a great job of the tables and they always look good.


walking and talking at Puckrup Hall

Couple by the golf course at Puckrup Hall

couple enjoying the day

Enjoying some time together before the reception

group photographs on the lawns Puckrup Hall

Rear lawns at Puckrup Hall ideal for group Photographs

wedding rings

A chance to have a look at the wedding rings

Bridal portraits in the gardens at puckrup

Bride enjoying the day on the lawns at Puckrup Hall

cake and drinks

Table layout and cake for the wedding breakfast

room layout at puckrup hall

Wedding breakfast layout at Puckrup Hall Hotel



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