Buying the right camera equipment

  • Selecting the right¬†camera for you. I will show you the benefits and drawbacks to each system and explain about DSLR cameras and mirror less cameras. I use both camera systems including a Canon 5D with L series lenses. You have a chance to try before you buy yours.
  • Maximum apertures of lenses, Zoom lenses vs prime lenses. Selecting the right lens is very important. Understanding how lenses perform and what are the most important aspects of good lens design will help you make the right decision. I will show you how spending more on a lens will save you money in the long run.
  • Filters and accessories. People spend allot of money on the accessories. I will show you what you will need, and what not to buy.
  • Ebay and buying equipment second hand. I will show you a technique that will allow you to loose as little money as possible buying and selling your camera equipment.

I have been teaching photography one to one for the past few years and have realised that most people that attend the courses are being badly advised about camera equipment by camera shops. This is a new course that will show you everything I have learnt over the past twenty five years using different cameras and lenses, and buying and selling camera equipment. I will also show you how to source second hand camera equipment in excellent condition at the right price, and how to make profit out of your lenses.


Two hours one to one tuition