Professional Photo Booth

using photo booth props worcestershire wedding

The evening reception is a good time to stop reportage wedding photography and set up a professional photo booth for the guests. After many years photographing weddings I have realised that your guests may have had enough of a professional photographer trying to capture the moment after the wedding breakfast. I now offer a professional photo booth including Canon 5D camera, Studio Flash, backdrops and props and so your Read more

Wedding weather advice


It may rain. It may be windy. It doesn’t matter. I have worked through horizontal rain and blustery wind and have found the main thing to do is don’t panic. This post is mainly for wedding photographers but also for couples who are worried about the weather on their wedding day.

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Bridal preparation Curradine Barns

curradine barns bridal preparation photography

I have been photographing weddings at Curradine Barns for a long time and it is still my favourite wedding venue. Bridal preparation works very well at Curradine Barns once you have worked out the best approach for lighting everyone. Read more

The closer you get the easier it gets

Bridesmaids talking at Birtsmorton Church

The majority of the wedding photographs I have captured using a Canon 5D mk1 and a 70-200 f4 IS USM lens. I have always worked at a comfortable distance from the guests to give them room to move. The other favourite lens of mine is Canon 24-105 f4 IS USM. I use this at 24, 35 and 50mm to produce images at close range. Some of the documentary wedding photographers I have talked to think that getting closer to your subject at a wedding is a bad idea. Read more

Capturing the moment at weddings

I am always thinking ahead when I photograph a wedding. Not just two minutes ahead, but 100 years ahead. I always think, what will the next generation like to see when they look back at their parents wedding photographs. When I started photographing weddings ten years ago most of the images were spontaneous moments and without any real thought. As time has passed I have learn’t to capture the moments that really matter.